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guidance for colors of life


Leela – big board game

3×3,3 m

Lila gyvenimo žaidimas

Leela – table board game

0,6×0,6 m

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Book of Leela game

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~ About Prithvi Seeds ~


Hello, beautiful Earthling!

Prithvi seeds – guidance for colors of life is a family project which is dedicated to self-awareness, health and happiness of all. It promotes knowledge about the ancient Tibetan medicine, its health products Sorig, the game of self-knowledge – Leelaunique journeys to India and Nepal with deep dive into the local life and culture.

The name of our project comes from the Sanskrit word Prithvi, which means Mother Earth. We are inspired how the ancient Vedic knowledge introduces Prithvi:

“Earth is not only a planet but a living organism, the great mother principle who has given birth to all that exist on her breast. And as a mother carries milk, so does the earth provide nourishment, vital life-force, food, and energy. She is the essence of tolerance and forbearance. Earth follows the law of dharma selflessly and does not distinguish between high and low. What we cannot see is her spirit, her intelligence, her benevolence, her significance. And the more the person experiences “Prithvi”, the deeper he appreciates the delicate balances that maintain life on her surface.”  Harish Johari.

May the “seeds” of this project be beneficial for you and your environment! 



I’m Evgeny, the host of self-knowledge game Leela. For more than seven years I have been introducing the knowledge of Leela to hundreds of people in yoga centers and spiritual festivals around the world. Together with team we created a unique design of Leela that reflects the deep meaning of this ancient game. It gives me a great pleasure to see the sincere interest of people to share this knowledge about spirituality.




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